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Last updated: Monday, October 9, 2017.

Sher Garner is open for business.

Evacuation: When outside of the office for a hurricane evacuation, all employees are responsible for checking their voicemail, e-mail and the Firm website regularly for updates on the office status.

Procedures to check e-mail from outside the office:

Select firm website: /
Select the "Employees Only" tab
Select Remote Access
Select E-mail
Enter your Network ID and Password
Exchange Server - In the event the exchange server is down, please follow these instructions:

From the Internet browser, type in: http://portal.mxlogic.com/
Enter in your full Email address (i.e. [email protected])
Enter in your current network password (Note: If your password is less than 8 characters, add exclamation points at the end to fill in 8 characters)
Select: Email Continuity
Sign off when you are finished
Notes :
Only current Emails will exist on this portal from the time Exchange went off line. Public folders will not be available which includes Firm Contacts, Litigation Calendar etc. The basic functions will include the ability to read, reply and create new emails

Procedures to login from outside the office:

1st time install Citrix client (*see install procedures below)
Make https://xen.shergarner.com a trusted site
(From your browser, select tools, internet options, security, trusted sites, sites.
Type in the url from above.

Select firm website: /
Select the "Employees Only" Tab
Select Remote Access; Select N.O. Remote Desktop or D.R. Site
Enter Network ID and Password, select login
Select desktop
To properly end remote connection, select Start button and logoff.

*Citrix Install Procedures:

This is a one time install 
Select firm website: www.shergarner.com
Select the "Employees Only" Tab
Select Remote Access; Select Remote Desktop 1 or 2,
Select download Citrix Presentation Server Client for 32 bit windows
Do you want to run or save this file, Select Run
Do you want to run this file, Select Run
Take all defaults
Client name (Use machine name as client name), Select next
Installation Summary, Select next

Close browser
Select firm website: www.shergarner.com
Select the "Employees Only" Tab
Select Remote Access; Select Remote Desktop 1 or 2,
Enter Network ID and Password
Select Desktop
On the tips screen, Select do not show this again
Client file security, Select full
Select never again
To properly end remote connection, Select Start button and Logoff.

NOTE: Check the firm website www.shergarner.com - Employee section, for any changes to remote procedures.


In the event you are unable to log into the network from outside the office, the firm has set up a Google account for each employee to use. Please note that this is ONLY to be used if you have attempted to login to email from outside the office and it is unavailable. This will primarily be used as a bulletin board when we are away from the office for extended periods of time and need to contact you or retrieve your current contact information.

Log into: http://groups.google.com/group/shergarnerlawfirm;
Sign In: [email protected]
Use default Password: Katrina05 
Procedures to Transfer your Extension to your Emergency Transfer Number: (Please note that this call forwarding feature must be activated/deactivated from the extension you are forwarding and cannot be done from outside the office.)

To Activate Forward: Lift the handset, then press the FWD on top row (the FWD light will blink); Dial 1499; Wait for confirmation tone (the FWD light will come on); Hang Up (then make a test call to be sure the forwarding is working)
To De-Activate Forward: Press the FWD button (you do not lift the handset to deactivate forwarding); Dial 1; The forward light will go off.
To Program/Change your Personal Speed Dial Number: With the handset down, press FEAT then SPEED, then 99; If you already have a phone number programmed, the number will come up in your display, Enter the phone number you want to program (if long distance, dial 1 + area code and number); Press SPEED to save the number
Phone System: In the event that the phone system in New Orleans is down, the firm has set up 2 virtual voicemail boxes to be used for employees and clients to retrieve office status. The toll free number for employees is: 1-888-289-8174 and the toll free number for clients is: 1-888-289-8177.

Employee Contact Information: The firm will maintain current copies of all employee contact information therefore we ask all employees to please notify us whenever your contact information changes so we can update all records
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