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Fraud And Deceit

Fraud And Deceit Representation

Fraud is normally associated with deceitfully inducing another person or entity ins of false information, by withholding information or with the intention of never performing the contract. Deceit applies to any act done to induce another to alter his or her position to his injury or risk, and includes:

  • Intentional misrepresentation – Asserting that something is a fact, when you know it is not true
  • Negligent misrepresentation – Asserting that something is a fact when you have no grounds to believe that it is
  • Concealment – Suppressing a fact with the intention of misleading another
  • False Promise – Making a promise without any intention of performing it

Fraud and deceit arise in a variety of arenas, including real estate, health care, government, business transactions.

By virtue of our significant experience in a wide variety of practice areas, we are able to identify fraudulent or deceitful actions and successfully prosecute them, or defend against allegations of fraud or deceit.